R-MC Homecoming Opportunities

R-MC Homecoming Opportunities

R-MC Homecoming OpportunitiesDon’t miss the opportunity to attract the parents and family visiting on October 27th thru the 29th!! R-MC HOMECOMING: the college attracts thousands of people back to Ashland!! Go to the Campus Bookstore and get your RMC Flag today. In addition we are working on getting you all posters to put on your windows!!!

Actions: (to attract business and show school spirit):


  • Hang R-MC flags (Barclay DuPriest/Campus Bookstore is giving a 25% discount – $18.75!) (business…..get your flag to show school spirit!!)
  • Put out black and yellow anything, i.e.: balloons, signs saying “Welcome Home, Yellow Jackets,” and perhaps offer discounts, etc.
  • Other ideas?


  • Put out sign used before at town entrance that says: “You’re in Yellow Jacket Territory”
  • R-MC flags on poles

Website: http://www.rmc.edu/alumni/homecoming-reunions