What We Do

What We Do

Marketing & Promotion

Ashland Marketing & PromotionMarket Ashland Partnership gives local businesses the opportunity to stretch their marketing dollar with cooperative marketing approaches, offering free or discounted promotional opportunities. Cooperative advertising includes local television, newspaper and specialty publications and outdoor vendor events all year. Cooperative marketing works! Currently 70% of each member’s annual dues goes directly into advertising and promotion. MAP has set a goal of 100% return on membership dues. It is the BEST $100.00 spent on your company.

If you attend the different events in Ashland, you will find Market Ashland Partnership there – events such as the Strawberry Faire, Train Day, Ladysmith Day. We have a float in the Kiwanis Christmas Parade. Our website helps to promote our members in our community so people can find us, view coupon/savings opportunities and learn about our various events.


Ashland Casino NightFriendship Benefits — don’t overlook the simple benefit of having friends in the business with no strings attached. We need to know someone has our back, that we have people who are there for us. Your friends can chat to keep you motivated and cheery, are a sounding board for ideas, or will listen to you moan when you need it.

Opportunities — here’s where the big bang of ROI kicks in. If you’re not getting enough opportunities, then you need to build your network. Opportunities like joint ventures, client leads, partnerships, speaking and writing gigs, businesses or assets bought and sold … you name it. All the best opportunities are shared person-to-person in back channels. From sales to employment, if two people are equally qualified then it goes to who you know, like and trust.

Advice — there are some things The Google can’t tell you. We rely on our networks to advise us and keep us on track, and we give back to our networks in return. Give a lot and you have credit in the bank when you need to make a withdrawal. The better your network the more knowledge you can tap.

Assistance — your network is a terrific asset when you need it, whether it’s promotion of your business, connecting with your community, getting those much-needed introductions to customers or business services, or simply to help you out of a hole.

Positive Influence — you become who you associate with. If you surround yourself with the right people then the attitudes, habits and world view, the associations will rub off. Modeling successful people is a proven way to improve your own performance.

Guest Speakers, Resources & More!

Ashland Market PartnershipWhether you are a new business in the area or an established business looking for new ideas and the latest best practices to help you succeed, Market Ashland Partnership is committed to providing educational opportunities to its members through special interest discussions at our monthly meetings, guest speakers offering their expertise, local and state government information affecting our business community, resources for start-ups and a network of businesses you can turn to for answers to your questions or just for some advice!

Additional opportunities abound. For example, Jessica Robertson Photography has her work showcased at Homemades by Suzanne!